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David P. Ball is a multimedia journalist with CBC News in Vancouver. He has previously reported for the Toronto Star, Agence France-Presse, The Globe & Mail, and The Tyee, and has won awards from the Canadian Association of Journalists and Jack Webster Foundation. Send story tips or ideas to david.ball@cbc.ca, or contact him via social media (@davidpball).

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UBC prof Suzanne Simard named in Time's 'most influential' list

Simard, author of Finding the Mother Tree, joins fellow Canadians like actors Elliot Page and Michael J. Fox, Pulitzer-winning podcaster Connie Walker, and artificial intelligence researcher Yoshua Bengio on Time Magazine's annual list.

Man charged in Vancouver stabbing was recently released from jail

Days after his release from a provincial jail for threatening Canada's deputy prime minister, a Vancouver man with a history of mental illness is behind bars again — accused of stabbing strangers in the heart of the city.

B.C. unveils $39M for climate emergencies, new flood plan

British Columbia's emergency management minister has announced $39 million in new funding for more than 50 new projects responding to more frequent climate-related emergencies across the province.

B.C. court rejects appeal of mining CEO's pollution convictions

Former Banks Island Gold CEO, convicted of numerous environmental violations on B.C.'s North Coast, will have to face a new trial after the province's Supreme Court rejected his appeal on Friday.

EV owners have to drive farther to break even, study suggests

British Columbians pondering a switch to an electric vehicle would need to drive almost double the daily distance of an average motorist to break even, according to a study by University of B.C. researchers.

Vancouver firefighters begin to ditch gear linked to cancer risks

Vancouver Fire and Rescue Services Chief Karen Fry says the department could be the first in North America to phase out firefighting coats and pants that contain controversial chemicals.

Humpback whale numbers fall 20% but scientists aren't worried yet

A sprawling international study of humpback whales in the northern Pacific has found their population has shrunk significantly since 2012 — despite the once-endangered species' remarkable comeback from the brink of extinction. 

B.C. top court upholds pause on law restricting public drug use

The B.C. Court of Appeal has rejected the province's attempt to appeal a pause on a law restricting illicit substance use in many public spaces. The pause was imposed during a legal challenge of that law.

Business groups applaud B.C. pausing controversial Land Act reforms

Several business organizations in British Columbia applauded the province's announcement that it would not proceed with proposed amendments to the law governing public land.

Scientists to study health impacts of Squamish, B.C., LNG plant

A medical health officer has joined a group of scientists at four universities to study potential public health risks from flaring gas at the Woodfibre LNG project in what researchers say is one of the first studies of its kind in Canada.