Your horoscope for the week ahead: The first quarter moon in Sagittarius could create a skewed view of reality

Then, Libra season arrives, encouraging us to create more harmony in our lives.

Then, Libra season arrives, encouraging us to create more harmony in our lives

Collage of a view from the top of a hill of a mountain landscape covered in fall foliage at sunrise. A pink illustrated wheel of zodiac signs sits in the middle with a starry sky and quarter moon in the centre of the wheel.

Protecting yourself against deception will be essential at the start of this week, particularly as the spirit-driving sun opposes dreamy Neptune on Tuesday. This aspect can blur the lines between fact and fiction, so if something seems too good to be true, know that it most likely is. Seize this opportunity to sharpen your powers of observation and really tune into the intentions of those around you. 

If you've been looking to break ground on a certain passion project or goal, you could receive the lucky boost you've been waiting for when the sun trines transformative Pluto late on Wednesday (or early Thursday morning, depending on your time zone). This is an excellent time to ask for favours, claim what's yours and get the recognition you deserve. Challenge yourself to achieve what you truly desire. 

Then, as the moon waxes into her first quarter in impetuous Sagittarius on Friday, keep in mind that you may not be able to trust your emotions entirely. This fiery lunation has a tendency to create a skewed view of reality, so try not to put too much pressure on yourself, and remember: everything isn't always as it appears. 

Finally, in the early hours of Saturday morning (or late Friday for those on the west coast), we'll greet the first day of autumn, the fall equinox and the start of Libra season. When the sun activates this cardinal air sign, we're encouraged to prioritize our relationships and create more harmony in our lives. This is a brilliant moment to tap into your powers of negotiation in order to reach a compromise. Just be wary of slipping into indecisiveness or people-pleasing during this transit. If you ignore your own needs, it could lead to passive-aggressive behaviour. 

Here is your horoscope for the week of Monday, September 18, 2023.


Actions are more powerful than words, Aries. You'll be wise to remember that before agreeing to collaborate with anyone this week. Let people show you who they really are so you can suss out who will be the right fit to work with in the long run. Meanwhile, starting now and throughout the coming weeks of Libra season, you may find yourself being more playful in your relationships, with your friends, colleagues and loved ones becoming an increasing source of joy. Harness this energy to explore new ways of relaxing, creating and engaging with others. Discussing your passions together could lead to something exciting. 


Run with your ideas this week, Taurus. If a creative new concept for improving your home happens to blossom out of a conversation with your loved ones, don't hesitate to start planning your makeover. Just be sure to check in with any people you live with before making significant changes to a shared space. You may also want to tend to some smaller chores or decluttering before diving into bigger projects. Make a list of what you must accomplish to clear your home so you can begin chipping away at your to-dos. After a vibrant summer season, it's time to get nesting. 


Have you been searching for answers lately, Gemini? At the start of this week, try to avoid seeking them from people who could take advantage of your generous spirit. It's important that you get some space from the situation and allow yourself time to breathe. Then, as fall officially begins, you may be feeling ready to let go and enjoy a little romance. Over the coming weeks, you'll have the opportunity to move through the world with a certain lightness. Seize this moment to indulge your senses, surround yourself with art and exercise your talent of flirtation. 


Be discerning, Cancer. At the start of this week, you could have a chance meeting that feels like a golden money-making opportunity, but it may be just a scam in disguise. Take care to guard your hard-earned cash — especially if someone promises you the world in exchange for your participation. You'll be glad that you held back. Then, as fall kicks off, home and family matters could start to take priority, inspiring you to take a more practical approach to your budgeting and spending. Be sure to schedule in some time to review your expenses and debts to keep the ball rolling. 


You can't always take people at their word, Leo. And at the beginning of this week in particular, you'll want to make sure you have all the facts in front of you before you sign any agreements or take on any new responsibilities. You can find comfort in the counsel of your loved ones midweek — lean on them to help simplify anything you're confused about. Then, when fall arrives, the pace of life could start to pick up, revealing just how connected you really are to your community. Enjoy striking up conversations with your neighbours and others who cross your path. You could learn a few interesting tidbits that inspire you to delve into your local history. 


Don't let your imagination get the best of you, Virgo. Regardless of your relationship status, you could find yourself easily believing the worst about love at the beginning of the week. Instead of indulging in self-pity, take this as a chance to fortify your relationship with yourself. Once you make it through this cloud of confusion, you'll be able to return to investigating thrilling topics and nurturing your creative spirit. Then, as autumn arrives, you could feel ready to start planning for your financial future in a more serious way. You may want to consider adopting a minimalist lifestyle for a little while — it'll do wonders for your budget. 


Don't be afraid to stick to what's tried and true, Libra. Sometimes, exploring fresh perspectives on how to live your life can actually end up leading you astray. This week, you're encouraged to really do your research before committing to a new task, responsibility or wellness practice. If you don't, you could risk throwing your routine out of whack. Then, as fall begins and the sun lights up your sign, you'll have a beautiful opportunity to express your learnings from the last year with confidence, charm and love. Celebrate the start to your season by connecting with loved ones whenever you have a second to spare. 


It's OK to say no to your friends sometimes, Scorpio. Keep this in mind at the start of this week if it feels like your companions are trying to tempt you away from your work with the promise of a good time. You'll be able to catch up and kick back with them midweek once you've gained some momentum. Then, as fall begins, you'll have a beautiful opportunity to better understand what makes you effective at work. You may find it helpful to take a moment to write out a list of your accomplishments and the ways you'd like to improve over the coming year. This reflection practice will help direct you toward your next big move. 


Stay the course, Sagittarius. There's no doubt that your loved ones want what's best for you, but they may not be able to advise on your professional dilemmas in the way that you need as the week kicks off. Only you have the power to create the traction you're seeking at work. Keep your head down, and by midweek, you could start to find solutions to your current career woes. Do your best to avoid making any hasty decisions and take pleasure in researching your options before you commit. Then, as fall arrives on the weekend, you'll be ready to wind down with your favourite people. Enjoy reconnecting with the human collective. 


If you realize someone in your circle has been spinning a tall tale this week, do your best not to get irritated, Capricorn. Instead, take a step back and reflect on the fantastic storytelling and sales techniques that almost had you hooked — you may be able to tastefully harness them in order to market your own skills. Then, as we welcome fall's cool and calming air near the end of the week, you could feel invigorated to begin a new chapter in your career. But before you start working to build your influence, be sure to ask yourself: What do you truly want to be known for?   


Do you find you need to walk on eggshells in certain relationships, Aquarius? If so, you'll be wise to tread extra lightly at the beginning of the week when one of those people could try to obtain money from you. If you feel tempted to sign anything, be sure to ask for ample time to review the paperwork. There could be hidden information inside that'll help save you a bundle. Then, as fall kicks off this weekend, you may find yourself itching to add new skills and knowledge to your repertoire. Pick a book or subject that captures your attention and dive in. 


It may be difficult to see eye-to-eye with others at the beginning of this week, Pisces. But try to remind yourself that, whether you're dealing with a disagreement in business or love, conflict can often lead to creative compromise — if you give it time. Be patient and do your best to take a little space from the situation to calm your nerves and support your sweet spirit. Then, by the time the weekend rolls around, you'll be feeling refreshed and ready to tackle your responsibilities. Make it your goal to tie up loose ends and tend to any paperwork that's been piling up so you can enjoy a clean slate.


Bryanna Collier is an astrology and fashion writer. Her work focuses on astrology, personal style, and how the two intersect. Follow her work at The Star Crossed.

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