Your horoscope for the week ahead: The full moon in courageous Leo will charge us with confidence

Then, a happy Venus-Jupiter trine will help us to shed our insecurities and open our hearts to love.

Then, a happy Venus-Jupiter trine will help us to shed our insecurities and open our hearts to love

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We could find ourselves coming back down to earth toward the start of this week, particularly when it comes to matters of the heart. As love-ruling Venus travels through practical Capricorn, beginning on Tuesday, we often find ourselves more attracted to people who model responsibility and drive. If you're single, don't hesitate to open up to romantic interests who seem like they can offer you a sustainable future; your passion for them may burn low and slow at first, but it has the potential to be long-lasting. 

On Thursday, the emotion-ruling moon will wax full in courageous Leo, which could fill us with the confidence we need to get out there and strut our stuff. Still, we'll need to watch ourselves as the first full moon of the year goes on to square expansive Jupiter in luxury-loving Taurus, as this aspect is known to tempt us into overindulgence. 

Then, when innovation-ruling Uranus stations direct in steady Taurus on Friday evening or Saturday morning, depending on your time zone, we'll be called to look within to start creating meaningful changes in our lives. This transit can help us to generate the momentum needed to make a major impact — so long as we're able to really hone our focus. Use this moment to reflect on what actions you can take to get closer to your destiny.

Later on Saturday, we could find we're extra quick with our wits as communicative Mercury conjuncts energetic Mars in determined Capricorn. This is a great opportunity to spread the word about your passion projects, seek out people who can help you further your goals and allow your ambitions to really shine through. Just be sure to mind your manners if you find yourself getting hot-blooded in conversations. Otherwise, you could end up starting a fight that you won't be able to back down from.  

Finally, on Sunday, charming Venus will sextile disciplined Saturn, encouraging us to pursue romantic relationships and friendships with those who mirror our values and can bring warmth to our lives during these frigid months. If you've been wanting to connect with someone new, you could meet a potential love interest when Venus goes on to trine lucky Jupiter later on Sunday. When these planets work together, we're often able to shed our insecurities more easily, allowing us to open our hearts to love. Partnered up? Harness this happy aspect to let go of your anxieties and focus on strengthening your bond. 

Here is your horoscope for the week of Monday, January 22, 2024.


What do you really want for yourself, Aries? Starting now and throughout these next four weeks, you'll be encouraged to take a step back to revisit your career goals and reassess your action plan. As you do, be sure to keep an eye out for potential partnerships and people in your network who may be able to help you manifest your desires. In fact, you'll be wise to stay sharp this weekend, as an offhand conversation could lead to exciting opportunities for your career. Try not to write anyone off; you could end up meeting someone who has the power to set you down an entirely different professional path. 


Are you ready to take a stand, Taurus? If it feels like you've spent the past few months reacting to changes at work rather than enacting your own, prepare to start taking the reins this week. Now is the ideal time to invest in your vision and pursue projects that align with your true purpose so you can show the world what you're really made of. On the weekend, you could encounter some perspectives on dealing with wealth and finances that have the potential to rock your world. As you explore these new ideas surrounding money and abundance, don't be afraid to process your emotions with people you trust. 


Read the room, Gemini. While you might feel excited to talk about money with people in your life this week, it's important to remember that finances can be a delicate subject. Being careful with your words and mindful of others' body language can help you avoid any uncomfortable situations. On the weekend, taking a trip down memory lane could land you in hot water. If you find yourself reminiscing about past partners and blowing old flings out of proportion, practising mindfulness can help you get unstuck. Those in relationships should also watch what they say around mixed company, as a spilled secret could bruise egos and break hearts. 


Don't be afraid to get vulnerable, Cancer. No matter your relationship status, this could be a beautiful week to open up to people who can match your devotion and intensity. Just be sure that whoever you choose to spend this time with is truly worthy of your attention. If you're partnered, perhaps this energy will inspire you to explore a new aspect of your bond or take things to the next level. Now is your chance to really communicate what you need. Then, you could finally reach a career goal you've been working toward for some time. Go ahead and paint the town red, but be sure to consider the feelings of others before you boast about your triumph. 


Exercising restraint can be a wonderful thing, Leo. You'll have a chance to see this first-hand from now through the next four weeks, particularly when it comes to your work. As you trim the fat and experiment with more efficient ways of getting things done, you may also find that this energy gets you hyper-focused on creating results and seeing your efforts materialize into success and recognition. Still, you're encouraged to keep your eyes on the long-term prize; this is a crucial moment for you to begin shaping a public persona that reflects your professionalism, flexibility and strength. 


You deserve a treat, Virgo. So don't talk yourself out of indulging in smart buys that make you happy this week. Investing in practical purchases for your home and kitchen is sure to boost your mood and might even inspire you to share your culinary skills with your loved ones more throughout these cold winter months. Using your finds to experiment with new recipes and baking techniques may also be a great way to blow off steam. Meanwhile, you could find yourself itching to explore different wellness trends or practices. Have fun investigating out-of-the-box groups and classes so you can manifest an experience that's truly invigorating. 


Your home can be a place to heal, Libra. This will become abundantly clear over the next few weeks as you spend more quiet time with loved ones and gain a renewed appreciation for your personal space. Take advantage of this energy to catch up on your cleaning, make minor adjustments and flush out anything undesirable from your surroundings. Meanwhile, in your professional world, accomplishing something that you've been working toward for a while could fill your heart with pride. Just be sure to approach this win with modesty if it comes up in conversation with friends, as a bruised ego may be hiding behind the scenes.  


Have you been hiding your feelings from others lately, Scorpio? Regardless of your relationship status, you're called to voice your desires this week. After spending the past few months dealing with unpredictable changes, you now have the chance to strengthen your bonds and put any uncertainty to rest. Remember: there's nothing you can't do when you have someone you trust by your side. Then, on the weekend, discussing your goals with like-minded people could open the door for you to make major money moves together. Strategize how you can overcome any challenges that may be preventing you from growing your wealth. 


Pay attention to how your mood affects your spending this week, Sagittarius. You could find that you're less inclined to make impulse purchases or rely on retail therapy for happiness when you're feeling productive and have a clear routine. Noticing a lot of emotional shopping? This is an ideal time to create a schedule that better supports your well-being and is ultimately kinder on your wallet. Making some necessary adjustments to your lifestyle could even inspire you to transform your approach to your work. This weekend, set aside time to consider your long-term goals and visualize how you'll go about achieving them. 


Celebrate your talents, Capricorn. Starting now, and throughout the next few weeks, you'll be called to really show your worth at work and bring attention to your most ambitious projects. This could also be a beautiful moment to make your case for a promotion or pay raise. If you're not feeling recognized for all that you do, it may be time to move on to bigger and brighter endeavours; listen to your intuition as you mull over your next move. Meanwhile, you may finally be ready to take a fresh approach to managing your finances after learning a few hard lessons. See how taking control of your spending can shift your ideas about abundance and prosperity. 


Do you need some time alone, Aquarius? Starting now and throughout these next few weeks, you may find that you prefer the pleasure of your own company, no matter how full your house is. With privacy holding new value to you, you could use this time to elevate your surroundings and make your space a real refuge from reality. Enjoy gathering inspiration and dreaming up unique ways to improve your home. However, if you begin to feel isolated in the process, don't be afraid to reach out to your loved ones for support; they may be oblivious to your needs unless you make them known. 


You have the power to draw inspiration from even the most mundane tasks and surroundings, Pisces. And this week, your ability to find beauty in the little things might help you to see the world through a fresh lens. For example, organizing your closet, home or workspace could inspire you to revisit old projects or experiment with new creative concepts. Just try to keep your thoughts under wraps and avoid discussing them with your colleagues or coworkers until they've had enough time to gel. If you really need someone to bounce your ideas off of this weekend, look to your friends instead.


Bryanna Collier is an astrology and fashion writer. Her work focuses on astrology, personal style, and how the two intersect. Follow her work at The Star Crossed.

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