Your horoscope for the week ahead: It's time to take the lead in your relationships

A powerful Venus-Mars conjunction will help you find a constructive place to channel your energy.

A powerful Venus-Mars conjunction will help you find a constructive place to channel your energy

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Do you have an itch that needs scratching? You could find a constructive place to channel that nervous energy when love-ruling Venus conjuncts energetic Mars in enigmatic Aquarius late on Wednesday or early Thursday, depending on your time zone. This aspect often inspires us to take the lead in our relationships and work to move things forward. If you're single, this could involve chatting with someone new or making yourself more available to those in your orbit. But regardless of your romantic status, pouring yourself into your creative impulses can be a great way to shake off any feelings of restlessness that crop up.

Mercury, the planet of communication, will enter sensitive Pisces late Thursday or early Friday, helping to boost our empathy, intuition and emotional awareness. Throughout the next two weeks, secrets, dreams and hidden treasures are sure to become main topics of conversation. Still, we must remain mindful of how we engage with others, as it can be easy to get lost in the haze of this transit's dreamy energy. 

Our collective desire to maintain order could start to grow as the emotion-ruling moon waxes full in meticulous Virgo on Saturday. While you may feel tempted to give in to your inner perfectionist during this lunation, watch that you don't end up going radio silent on others in the process. The moon will also form a trine with generous Jupiter in reliable Taurus on this day, urging us to hit the ground running to improve the lives of the people around us. Just remember to reward yourself with breaks and little treats along the way — you deserve it. 

Later on Saturday or early Sunday, passionate Venus in assertive Aquarius will square expansive Jupiter in stubborn Taurus, which could make it challenging for us to handle delicate conversations with tact. Spending time with good-humoured people will help to take the edge off this aspect's influence. Do your best to kick back, relax and keep everything in moderation. 

Here is your horoscope for the week of Monday, February 19, 2024.


Not sure what to do with all the extra energy you have right now, Aries? Diving into a collaborative endeavour with friends could be a positive outlet and offer you a chance to revive any creative ideas you've left sitting on the back burner. Carve out time to brainstorm with your favourite people so you can start laying out the plans for your next project together. Then, as Mercury moves into Pisces for the next two weeks, you may feel the urge to retreat inward. Consider how you could edit your routines to make more time for mindfulness, meditation and relaxation; things are set to ramp up again in a big way this spring. 


Get cracking, Taurus. Inspiration could strike in a major way this week, so don't delay; this will be an ideal moment to start strategizing how you'll manifest your next big idea. Still, in order to realize your vision, you may need to make some adjustments to your schedule. Try to look at any sacrifices you're making as an investment in your future. You might also find it helpful to reach out to your social network during this period. Friends could offer alternative perspectives on what value, wealth and abundance look like, helping you reframe your own approach to success. 


Evaluate your ambitions, Gemini. As Mercury travels through Pisces for the next two weeks, you'll be encouraged to look inward and reassess your professional goals. This will be a prime opportunity for you to work on realigning your public persona with your values and beliefs. Use this time to remind yourself of what you're working toward and why. As you do, you could find that home and family matters begin to take more precedence over your desire for recognition and status. This weekend, you may feel especially pulled toward your domestic duties. Seize this moment to tend to your space, decompress and spend time with your loved ones. 


Don't let your pride hold you back from reaching your full potential, Cancer. If you want to level up at work, you may need to ask for help. This week, take time to really consider what kind of assistance you'll need in order to achieve your goals. And don't be afraid to share your plans with your loved ones and seek their advice along the way. Then, you may find your spiritual side activated — and craving stimulation — as Mercury moves into Pisces mid-week. Finding fresh ways to nurture your mind will be key over the next two weeks of this transit; start chatting with people you trust about what you'd like to learn.


Have you been yearning to embark on a new and exciting professional journey, Leo? Finding the right collaborator could be the key to your success, so don't be afraid to make the first move when you spot a potential partner. This week will be a wonderful time to reach out to people in your social network who share your passions and can complement your skill set. Then, as Mercury enters Pisces, you may find yourself blessed with a heightened ability to read between the lines when it comes to your cash. Use the next two weeks of this transit to finesse your finances and strategize how to eliminate debt and increase your earning potential. 


Don't keep your needs and emotions bottled up, Virgo. If you've been waiting for others to step up to the plate and lend you a hand, you must make your voice heard this week. Ensure that you're also rewarding yourself for all your hard work along the way; little treats can help you stay motivated and renew your lust for life. Then, on the weekend, it could feel as though you've entered the eye of the storm as people around you rush to tie up loose ends. While you may be tempted to swoop in and save the day, do your best to avoid overextending yourself and take some time to decompress.


Has your inner romantic been searching for an outlet, Libra? You could find the perfect one mid-week as passions ignite, allowing you to access your playful side with ease. If you're single, this could be an ideal chance to connect with someone who really pulls at your heartstrings. Meanwhile, attached Libras can work to rekindle their spark by indulging their shared need for adventure. Come the weekend, you may be feeling particularly eager to discuss your professional ambitions with people you trust. Just be sure to read the room before you open a can of worms; it may not be the right time or place to dig in. 


Nothing can stop you from achieving what you set your mind to, Scorpio. This could prove especially true if a new home-improvement idea steals your focus mid-week. You may feel inspired to pour all of your energy and attention into conquering this challenge, but if you share a space with others, be sure that you communicate your desires before you start breaking ground; chatting about your options will allow you to make better decisions for everyone involved. Then, try not to get discouraged if your passion project starts to lose a little steam on the weekend. Taking a little break could help you to gain some necessary perspective. 


In need of a little direction, Sagittarius? Chatting with neighbours and friends could give you the inspiration you need to revamp your routine — and start planning your next reinvention. Then, as Mercury enters Pisces mid-week, your domestic responsibilities could begin to take priority in your mind. As you tend to your space, don't hesitate to incorporate a little fun by hosting a cosy get-together with friends or planning a romantic evening at home. This weekend, all eyes will be on you as your skills and talents shine. If you find yourself presented with fresh career opportunities, keep your cards close to your chest. You'll need time to review all your options.


A realignment of your values may be in order, Capricorn. This week, try to pay close attention to anything that might be creating friction between your personal and professional lives. Taking a step back to evaluate where you've been spending most of your energy can help you figure out how to get back on track. Then, as Mercury moves into Pisces for the next two weeks, it's important that you carve out time to nurture your curiosity. Have fun really observing the world around you during this period; doing so could even help you reconnect with your inner romantic or find fresh inspiration. 


Have you been dreaming about making some changes to your space, Aquarius? You have the power to realize even your most ambitious vision for your home — remind yourself of this any time you find yourself doubting your ability to create the magic you seek. Mid-week will be a particularly good time to speak up and start working toward your objectives. After taking care of your most pressing needs and desires, you can take a step back to reflect on what assistance you might need to keep moving forward. Zero in on your expenses and strategize how you can become more efficient with your time, energy and money. 


Are you looking to turn over a new leaf, Pisces? Reviewing your finances could inspire you to try out a different approach to spending and saving this week.  Do your best to trust your instincts as you work to make more conscious decisions regarding your cash. Then, as Mercury enters your sign mid-week, you may notice that people seem more open to what you have to say. Throughout the next two weeks of this transit, remember to summon your courage and speak from the heart; your astute observations can help encapsulate things that others may be too afraid to voice. 


Bryanna Collier is an astrology and fashion writer. Her work focuses on astrology, personal style, and how the two intersect. Follow her work at The Star Crossed.

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