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Padraig Moran is a writer and digital producer for CBC Radio’s The Current, taking great stories from the airwaves to our online audience. He started his journalism career in Ireland primarily covering arts and entertainment, then spent five years at The Times of London in the U.K., before joining the CBC when he moved to Toronto in 2017. You can reach him at

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What are whales saying to each other? Scientists are a step closer to finding out

Scientists say they’ve discovered a kind of phonetic alphabet used by sperm whales, bringing us a step closer to understanding the building blocks of whale communication.

This woman hid her pregnancy from her phone — and the apps trying to sell her stuff

Jia Tolentino tried to hide the news of her pregnancy from her phone in an effort to stop it from sharing the information with companies trying to track her online behaviour.

Netanyahu prolonging assault on Gaza for political gain: former ambassador

Former Israeli ambassador Alon Pinkas says a "very inhospitable ... political and public environment" awaits Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu after the conflict ends.

Why deathbed dreams and visions can be a comfort for the dying — and those left behind

Cynthia Good's mother experienced a dream or vision as she was dying of pancreatic cancer. Researchers say these events can be a great comfort to the dying and their loved ones.

From one warrior princess to another, Lucy Lawless explores life of Margaret Moth

Lucy Lawless high-kicked her way to fame in Xena: Warrior Princess, but her new documentary focuses on photojournalist Margaret Moth, a “warrior princess in real life.”

Sophie Grégoire Trudeau says family life with PM post-separation 'gets messy,' but they have each other's back

Sophie Grégoire Trudeau's new book, Closer Together, is out Tuesday. Part memoir, part self-help guide, it looks at emotional well-being in today's world.

Salman Rushdie details the 27 seconds of the knife attack that nearly ended his life

Acclaimed author Salman Rushdie was attacked on a New York stage in August 2022 and suffered life-changing injuries. He spoke to CBC's The Current about his new book, in which he details the stabbing, imagines a conversation with the alleged attacker and shares how he beat the odds to survive.

Trudeau is courting Gen Z and millennials — even as they turn to rival parties

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau says the upcoming federal budget will focus on helping younger Canadians who feel squeezed on housing and affordability — but polls suggest those voters are already turning to opposition parties.

A million mice are eating seabirds alive on a remote island. Conservationists have a plan

An albatross versus a mouse might not sound like a fair fight, but on a remote South African island it’s the mice who are winning. The Mouse-Free Marion project has an ambitious plan to turn the tide

What 'Kategate' and celebrity conspiracy theories tell us about 'information nihilism'

According to her office, the Princess of Wales is recovering from abdominal surgery, but ‘Kategate’ has been fodder for group chats around the world as people question Catherine Middleton’s whereabouts.