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Padraig Moran is a writer and digital producer for CBC Radio’s The Current, taking great stories from the airwaves to our online audience. He started his journalism career in Ireland primarily covering arts and entertainment, then spent five years at The Times of London in the U.K., before joining the CBC when he moved to Toronto in 2017. You can reach him at

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'Dark design' can nudge you into tipping more, says expert

Tipping is now commonplace in all sorts of Canadian businesses, and one expert says the prompts employed can play on our desire to seem generous.

David is friends with Lazarus. Lazarus is an AI chatbot

More and more people are forming friendships and even romantic relationships with AI chatbots, prompting concerns among experts who study the ethics around the rapidly evolving technology.

Migrants risk their lives to reach North America. This centre offers a pitstop, and an alternative

At the Guatemala-Honduras border, a centre offers migrants and refugees a chance to rest and regroup, and perhaps consider staying in Central America instead of making the dangerous journey north.

She fled the wildfires with her kids. But her husband stayed behind to fight them

Kayla McKennitt fled the fires approaching her home in Fox Creek, Alta., earlier this month. Her husband stayed behind to help fight them, and it's been hard to stay in touch.

From cancer to mental health, firefighters battle on long after the smoke clears

Some firefighters have welcomed Alberta's move to expand presumptive cancer coverage for the profession, but say first responders need help with their mental as well as physical health.

Younger Canadians are worried about retirement costs. Some experts say they can't afford not to be

A new report calls for a publicly funded insurance system for long-term care. Canadians would pay into the system during their working lives, and access that safety net in retirement.

Why '80s star Andrew McCarthy walked 800km across Spain with his 19-year-old son

Actor and writer Andrew McCarthy and his son, Sam, spent a month walking the Camino de Santiago, an 800-km walking route across northern Spain.

Calgary aid worker helps retrieve remains of Canadian soldier killed in Ukraine

Two Canadian men, Kyle Porter and Cole Zelenco, were killed in the fight for the Ukrainian city of Bakhmut. Humanitarian worker Paul Hughes has helped to retrieve the remains of one of the men.

Food fit for a king? Coronation quiche shows 'a nation in crisis,' says historian

A quiche recipe has been unveiled as the signature dish for the coronation of King Charles III, provoking a mixed reaction in the U.K.

'Warmer lungs' can help transplant patients, suggests Canadian trial

Transplant scientists say storing donated lungs at a higher temperature keeps them viable for longer, and could boost the number of organ transplants.