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How did the Indian Act come to be? What is the human cost of this policy for Indigenous people, particularly women?

CBC Podcasts in Class: Free education resources for Canadian kids

Ready-made teaching guides available for two of our most popular educational podcasts: The Secret Life of Canada and Tai Asks Why.

Close your textbooks. 'Podcasts In Class' switches up the lesson plan

Six episodes of the podcasts Tai Asks Why and The Secret Life of Canada have been adapted into classroom-ready lessons, complete with slideshows, videos, activities, and even homework.
Teaching Guide

TEACHING GUIDE: Should we trust our gut?

This episode explores the connection between our gut and brain and the importance of keeping both healthy.
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TEACHING GUIDE: How will we fix climate change?

This episode explores the causes of climate change and the role students can play in fighting those causes.
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TEACHING GUIDE: The Secret Life of the North

This episode explores the history and geography of the North; examines the distinct culture, language and politics of the Inuit; and recognizes the impacts of colonization on the Inuit.
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TEACHING GUIDE: The Secret Life of the Province of Jamaica

This episode explores Caribbean migration to Canada through historical perspectives, examines the legacies of black activists and Sleeping Car Porters in Canadian history, and investigates the causes of systemic racism.
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TEACHING GUIDE: The Secret Life of Chinatown

This episode explores the early roots of Chinese migration to Canada, investigates the causes and consequences of government policies to exclude Chinese people, and looks at continuity and change in Chinatowns today. 
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TEACHING GUIDE: The Secret Life of Water

This episode explores the importance of water to traditional trade and transportation routes, analyses how settlement impacted Indigenous access to land and water, and investigates the current water crisis in Canada.