In the shadow of the AIDS crisis, a group of queer activists fights for their rights — and their lives. When gay men start turning up murdered in 1990s Montreal, the city reckons with both the AIDS crisis and a possible serial killer. Faced with police indifference — despite mounting evidence — a group of activists takes matters into their own hands.

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In the early 1990s, as AIDS tightens its grip on major cities around the world, the relative safety of Montreal's nightlife becomes a magnet for gay men. But when they start turning up dead in hotel rooms, beaten lifeless in city parks, and violently murdered in their own homes, the queer community has more to fear than the disease.

While the city's police force dithers over the presence of a serial killer, a group of queer activists starts making connections, and rises up to start a movement that would end up changing thousands of lives.

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Le Village : meurtres, combats, fierté, a French language sister podcast, is available now on OHdio. Hosted by Marie-Eve Tremblay.


Justin hands over the season to Francis at Parc de L'Espoir, the memorial to people who died from HIV/AIDS in Montreal's gay village. We're going back 30 years. The world was a different place. What we learned about how to live through a pandemic and how to solve a murder.

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Episode 1: La Vie en Rose

Joe Rose, a queer activist living with AIDS, is murdered in cold blood on a city bus. So public, so brutal – the city is shocked. The killing becomes a catalyst for ACT UP's takeover of the 1989 Montreal AIDS conference.

Access the transcript for this episode here.

Episode 2: Sex Garage

Scores of police remove their badges and slip on rubber gloves before beating and arresting queer partygoers in downtown Montreal. The violence escalates in the coming days, and many more are beaten and jailed. A stronger front emerges.

Access the transcript for this episode here.

Episode 3: Chicken Little

Montreal, 1991 – Fearing a serial killer, activists decide to take matters into their own hands.

Access the transcript for this episode here.

Episode 4: A Murder is a Murder is a Murder

A married man is murdered while on a business trip in Montreal. The case highlights the challenges of investigating the murders. Delayed investigations and unsolved cases are a dear price to pay when a serial killer may be on the loose.


Access the transcript for this episode here.

Episode 5: Out With Them All

Faced with a deadly disease, surrounded by death, AIDS activist Roger Leclerc resorts to controversial tactics to confront discrimination and violence against gays and lesbians.

Access the transcript for this episode here.

Episode 6: Don't Ask, Don't Tell

When one of its priests is found murdered in Montreal, the Anglican Church has to publicly reckon with its sins.

Access the transcript for this episode here.

Episode 7: Atonement

Years of sustained pressure finally pay off as the policing culture shifts to include activists' input into their investigations.

Access the transcript for this episode here.

Production Credits

Host: Francis Plourde
Producers: Carrie Haber, Michelle Gagnon and Francis Plourde
Story Editors: Chris Oke and Daemon Fairless
Digital Producer: S.K. Robert
Editing, Mixing and Sound Design: Gabrielle Clarke and Julia Wittmann
Video Producer: Evan Aagaard
Artwork: Ben Shannon
Cross Promo Producer: Amanda Cox
Executive Producer: Cesil Fernandes

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