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Sheena Goodyear is a web journalist with CBC Radio's As It Happens in Toronto. She is equally comfortable tackling complex and emotionally difficult stories that hold truth to power, or spinning quirky yarns about the weird and wonderful things people get up to all over the world. She has a particular passion for highlighting stories from LGBTQ communities. Originally from Newfoundland and Labrador, her work has appeared on CBC News, Sun Media, the Globe & Mail, the Toronto Star, VICE News and more. You can reach her at

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Scientists map medieval town that's been buried beneath the sea for 661 years

Rungholt was once a booming trade town where residents reaped profits from the land’s bountiful natural resources — until a changing climate and rising sea levels ripped it all away.
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Former Trump allies face uphill battle in U.S presidential race: Republican strategist

Several of Donald Trump’s Republican challengers are in the awkward position of pitting themselves against a man they once stood behind, says Republican strategist David Kochel.
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Women who help fund Black-owned farms win prestigious James Beard culinary award

The co-founders of the Black Farmer Fund took home the Humanitarian of the Year prize at the 2023 James Beard Awards.
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'It was pretty hairy,' says cowboy who lassoed a rogue steer on a Michigan highway

When Ricky Littlejohn got the call that Lester the steer was loose again, he knew he was in for a challenging day. But he had no idea he would end up chasing the rambunctious runaway on horseback down a Michigan highway, earning himself the nickname “the I-75 cowboy.”
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He climbed one of the world's most difficult boulders — after practising on a 3D model

A Scottish climber has become the second person ever on record to successfully ascend the notoriously difficult to climb boulder in Lappnor, Finland. 
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She lost her brother 9 years ago. Now she's trying to forge peace with Mexico's cartels

Fed up by a lack of action from the government or law enforcement, a Mexican woman with a missing brother has taken her plight directly to the people she says hold the real power in Mexico — the cartel leaders.
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Delta Air Lines faces class-action lawsuit over carbon neutral claim

A California woman is launching a class-action lawsuit against Delta, alleging the company’s claim of being “the first carbon-neutral airline” is bogus.
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Illinois turns the tables on library censorship by effectively banning book bans

A bill that would, in essence, ban book bans in schools and public libraries, will soon become the law of the land in Illinois.
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As some Florida groups cancel Pride over new laws, others 'refuse to submit'

A small-town Florida Pride organization says it will carry out its festivities as planned this summer, despite a slew of anti-LGBTQ legislation that has other organizations toning down their Pride events, or cancelling them altogether.
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Donkeys were the lifeblood of this Colorado town. Now every summer, they roam free

Every spring, the small Colorado tourist town of Cripple Creek releases its herd of 15 donkeys to much fanfare, so they can roam the town until autumn, all the while warming hearts and destroying gardens.