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As It Happens: Tuesday Edition

Tuesday, January 19, 2021

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Part One

K2 Climber
One of the climbers who just made history by summiting K2 in winter says the team faced temperatures as low as minus-70 Celsius and dangerously high winds, at even more dangerous heights. 

Inauguration Transition Day
Behind the scenes of tomorrow's presidential inauguration in the U.S., White House staff will race to move the old president out and the new president in, a process our guest describes as "always chaotic."

Ottawa Propeller Skater
An Ottawa man knows he's on thin ice when he straps on his home-made jetpack to go skating on the Ottawa River but he's throwing caution to the wind he's creating.

Part Two

Bobi Wine
First, Ugandan presidential candidate Bobi Wine lost the election -- and now he's lost his freedom. We reach him at home, where he's surrounded by security forces and running out of food.

Reporting on Trump
A Washington Post reporter reflects on the last four years covering a White House that, among other things, often made journalists the story.

Part Three

BC Kidney Donation
A B-C man needed a new kidney, but he never thought he would get it from the man who'd sold him hot dogs from for years.

Virgin Orbit
Virgin Orbit's successful rocket launch is lighting a fire under the dream of commercial space travel, by strapping rockets to a 747.