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Geese and goosebumps in this week's photo gallery

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A line of geese gingerly make their way over the froze surface of the water in Green's Harbour.
Some geese consider a polar bear dip in Green's Harbour. (Submitted by Marilyn Crotty)

It's been cold throughout Newfoundland and Labrador recently, but there are lots of ways to make the best of it, especially if we flock together.

Enjoy these chilly views of our province, then scroll to the bottom to see how your point of view can be part of next week's gallery.

Waves crash hard against the ice-slick rocks of Middle Cove Beach.
Waves crash hard against the ice-slick rocks of Middle Cove Beach. (Submitted by Julie Mullowney)
The frozen surface of St. John's harbour begins to break into pans of ice on a foggy day.
Downtown St. John's has always been a good spot to break the ice. Well... no, you're right. I won't finish that. (Submitted by Amber Dechief)
An old dory frozen into the earth on a cold winter day.
It doesn't get much more stark than an old boat frozen into the earth on a cold winter day. (Submitted by Tara Hamlyn)
A lighthouse overlooks the east coast on a sunny day in Fort Amherst.
On a clear day you can connect the lighthouses at Fort Amherst and Cape Spear, here seen in the distance. (Submitted by Connie Boland)
A packed bay full of ice pans near a snow-covered beach.
Ice pans gather near Little Heart's Ease. (Submitted by Chris Vardy)
A clear, cold night sky over a snowy field is filled with the northern lights.
With little greenery to be seen on the snow-covered ground, the northern lights add their own touch to the sky over Labrador City. (Submitted by Larry Jenkins)

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