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A frosty January excursion in this week's audience photo gallery

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Docks in Fortune covered in snow.
For sure, the fair frozen Fortune fishing stages. (Submitted by Simeon Miller)

From early morning hockey to Labrador snow machine camping and wave watching at Cape Spear, everyone is getting out to enjoy the Newfoundland and Labrador winter, no matter what weather (or how much weather all at once) we're getting. 

Enjoy these views of our province, then scroll to the bottom to see how your point of view can be part of next week's gallery.

A group of sightseers huddle together against the North Atlantic chill at Cape Spear.
A group of sightseers huddle together against the North Atlantic chill at Cape Spear to view, from a safe distance, the ocean's waves lash against the rocky shore. (Submitted by Leona Rockwood)
A church sits on a snowy hill over a river flowing into the sea.
A nice dusting of snow in Trouty, looking out over the ocean. (Submitted by Evelyn Johnson)
A tent and pair of skidoos sit on a snowy field as the sun comes up over distant trees.
Brendon Clark and his six-year-old son enjoy a winter camping trip in southern Labrador. (Submitted by Brendon Clark)
A boy skates on his frozen back yard as the sun comes up one winter morning.
Seven-year-old Levi takes advantage of a clear morning to play some backyard rink hockey at sunrise before school. (Submitted by Diane Hart)
A frozen tree coated in ice sits on a snowy field,
Connie Boland took a walk along the pipeline in Corner Brook, and writes 'droplets coat nearby trees, creating seasonal statues.' (Submitted by Connie Boland)
Clear skies above a completely still bay, washing up on a rocky beach.
The sea is like glass on a sunny winter day in Loon Bay, near Campbellton. (Submitted by Rhonda Luscombe)
A jay lands on a railing, with icicles overhead.
This grey jay hits the brakes just in time to not flight straight into the camera before asking for (and getting, no doubt) a tasty piece of bread. (Submitted by Cavelle White)
The frozen surface of water cracks, making sharp patterns.
The ethereal beauty of a frozen puddle, with ice crystals captured in St. John's. (Submitted by Lisa Piercey)
A small fishing village clings to the rocky shore, coated in snow.
Sun-bleached lobster pots frame this gorgeous winter scene in Bauline. (Submitted by Lorraine Winsor)

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