Charlotte Cardin: 5 songs that changed my life

The Montreal singer-songwriter discusses songs from Radiohead, Céline Dion and more.

The Montreal singer-songwriter discusses songs from Radiohead, Céline Dion and more

Charlotte Cardin | 5 Songs That Changed My Life

8 months ago
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From Radiohead’s “No Surprises” to Céline Dion's "Pour Que Tu M’aimes Encore," watch Charlotte Cardin share the five songs that changed her life.

Charlotte Cardin is the moment. With the release of her sophomore album, 99 Nights, out today, and a 40-date tour commencing Aug. 31, 2023, the Montreal singer-songwriter seems to be everywhere we look.

The new album blends elements of pop, electro and jazz, and features energy-packed tracks like "Confetti," which held the number one spot on CBC Music's Top 20 for three consecutive weeks, and "Jim Carrey," which gained near-viral popularity and secured a surprise phone call from the actor himself. Did the two discuss a potential collaboration in the future while on the phone? That's to be confirmed.

Cardin stopped by CBC Music's Toronto studio to tell us about five of the songs that have influenced her life and career as an artist, including memories of growing up obsessed with Céline Dion and harmonizing with Bryan Adams's songs on long road trips. And we should note, a song by the Spice Girls almost made the list.

Radiohead's 'No Surprises'

Cardin can recall the very first time she heard Radiohead's "No Surprises" on the radio: "I felt every note, every word. Every texture of the song really hit me and I was like, 'I want to be able to create atmospheres like that in my music.'"

Bryan Adams feat. Melanie C, 'When You're Gone'

Of Bryan Adams's 1998 hit "When You're Gone" featuring Melanie C, Cardin said: "I remember playing it over and over again with my sister, and sometimes I was Mel C, sometimes she was Bryan, and we would switch our voices to try to harmonize. And harmonizing is one of my greatest pleasures in life."

Céline Dion's 'Pour que tu m'aimes encore'

Céline Dion was the first concert Cardin ever attended, and the award-winning artist left a huge impression on her. "'Pour que tu m'aimes encore' is one of the first songs I sang at one of my singing recitals when I was like eight years old, and I was obsessed with Céline Dion's voice," Cardin said. "I would try to imitate her, I would want to be like her."

Frank Ocean's 'Thinkin Bout You'

Cardin discovered Frank Ocean's Channel Orange early on and remembers how impactful her favourite song, "Thinkin Bout You," was. "I feel like his way of using extremely conversational yet extremely poetic lyrics is just ... The songwriting throughout the entire album, and honestly throughout his entire discography, this song particularly, using the word tornado and all of these extremely powerful images just really struck me when I first heard it."

Vanessa Da Mata and Ben Harper's 'Boa Sorte'

Vanessa Da Mata ft. Ben Harper's "Boa Sorte" is one of Cardin's favourite songs, ever. "I have listened to that song across my whole life, and I feel like I associate it to so many different, very precise, intense moments in my life."


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