Lise Hosein

Lise Hosein is a producer at CBC Arts. Before that, she was an arts reporter at JazzFM 91, an interview producer at George Stroumboulopoulos Tonight and a PhD candidate at the University of Toronto. When she's not at her CBC Arts desk she's sometimes an art history instructor and is always quite terrified of bees.

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Art 101

In a potato field north of Toronto, a massive hidden artwork teaches us about site-specific art

To reach "Shift," the beautiful and somewhat forgotten work by Richard Serra, you have to go on a bit of a quest.
Big Night Out

This sound installation is chilling, uncanny — and the first show to play a Toronto theatre all pandemic

A dystopian story about a mysterious epidemic (sound familiar?), Blindness is on stage now. Read what happened when we caught a performance last week.
Big Night Out

The first indoor event we've been to all pandemic? A giant 'immersive' magic show in Toronto

A mix of live performance and 3D effects, Illusionarium is like nothing else. But does it make for a magic night out? Find out what's inside.
Art 101

The past year has been a time of loss. What can art show us about processing grief?

We're not alone. Witnessing somebody else's pain can actually give you ideas about how to handle your own.
Art 101

Beautiful terror: Why witnessing 'the sublime' in art gives you that awestruck feeling

Artists have tried for centuries to capture the sensation you feel in the face of something immeasurable.
Art 101

Art 101: The juiciest art war of the 21st century

Here's what happened when one artist helped create the blackest shade of black — and decided nobody else could use it.
Art 101

How curators went from caretakers to art stars — and why there are curators for everything now

In this week's Art 101, Professor Lise looks at how the idea of the curator evolved.
Art 101

Why paintings used to look so weird, and how linear perspective changed everything

Linear perspective organizes the frame, making it seem like it’s happening in a real space and directing your eye to the most important part of the scene.
Art 101

3 artists pushing back against colonialism by using the tools of their colonizers

This week's Art 101 looks at anti-colonial art, from a gun shooting cherry blossoms to masks made from Air Jordans.
Art 101

Why the still life — an artform that was once put at the bottom of art's hierarchy — has endured

What's the deal with still life painting? On this edition of Art 101, Professor Lise walks us through the history of this form of painting.